Potato granules (Mashed potatoes dry)

Информация о продукте

Единицы измерения

Вес: 21 тонна
Объем: 65 145 600 000 м3
Длина: 12 000 м
Ширина: 2 320 м
Высота: 2 340 м

Описание товара

Raw material: Potatoes
Appearance: flakes, grits, flour
Color: White to yellow, uniform throughout the mass, typical of potato varieties

Odour: Characteristic potatoes (organoleptic definition)
Taste: Characteristic of potatoes without foreign flavor (organoleptic definition)
Humidity: 12% max
Packing: four-layer paper with polyethylene liner 17 and 20kg.

To prepare mashed potato mix 100 g flakes and 550 ml. water.
From 100g flakes obtained 600g ready-to-eat mashed potatoes.

We can bring them up to 500 tons per month.
This allows you to make mashed potatoes 3500000 servings of ready meals weighing 500g.

Made from high-quality, mature potatoes, without GMO
It used in the preparation of mashed potatoes as a side dish, potato fillings and snacks, as an additive in baking bread.

Consumers: Companies catering: canteens school, college, work; in the Army, Police, Ministry of Emergency Situations; Shift workers, nomads, shepherds, hunters and fishermen; in hospitals and clinics;
refugee camps, humanitarian assistance and the personal consumption of citizens

The use of potato powders and flakes in baking and confectionery industry thus expanding the range of products and give them an unusual taste and increase shelf life.

Тех. спецификации

Ingredients: Potato granules (mashed potato powder) not less than 99%
Humidity: 12% max
Packing: four-layer paper with polyethylene liner 17 and 20kg.
Storage: in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and strong-smelling substances, relative humidity less than 75%
Shelf life: 3 years in leaky packaging
5 years in a pressurized pack
On the pallet 33 bags (561 and 660 kg)

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