Soda ASH 1st Grade «B» - Light

Информация о продукте

Единицы измерения

Вес: 1 тонна
Объем: 1 м3
Длина: 1 м
Ширина: 1 м
Высота: 1 м

Описание товара

Soda ash is the common name for the technical grades of anhydrous sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3). It is a white, finely crystalline, water soluble material. Soda ash is one of the most important industrial chemicals and the most widely used fixed alkali for the manufacture of other alkali products, sodium salts, glass, soap, pulp and paper, iron and steel, cellulose and rayon, cleaning compounds, water softening chemicals, textiles, drugs, etc.

Packing of Soda Ash Light:
- Polypropylene bags (woven laminated box - shaped valve technical bags, perforated)
weight 50 kg (± 2 %);
-in soft containers (1.5 big-bag type) up to 1000 kg;
-in bulk.
Transportation: Soda ash is transported in bulk by shipload lots (3000 MT, 5000 MT, 10 000 MT) or in 20/40” containers (FCL)). Minimum Order Quantity: one 20/40” container (20-26 MT).
Terms of payment: 100% advanced payment by TT or LC (terms to be discussed).
Price: FOB Saint- Peterburg, Novorossiysk, Stambul

Тех. спецификации

1. Visual appearance - White granules
2. Sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3) mass content, %, min - 99
3. Sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3) mass content equivalent to unignited product, %, min - 98.2
4. Mass content loss at ignition (270-300)0 С, %, max - 0.8
5. Weight content of chlorides in terms of NаСl, %, max - 0.5
6. Weight content of ferrum in terms of Fe2O3, %, max - 0.003
7. Weight content of water insoluble , %, max - 0.04
8. Weight content of sulfates in terms of Na2SO4, %, max - 0.054

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