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Intellectual Electronic Device (IED) NPT RPA

Информация о продукте

Единицы измерения

Вес: 8 кг
Объем: 0,01 м3
Длина: 25 см
Ширина: 15 см
Высота: 20 см

Описание товара

Relay protection (6-35 kV);
Emergency automatics;
Emergency events recorder;
Automation and remote control.

3 devices in 1: multifunctional power meter, remote terminal unit, relay protection and emergency control terminal.
Modular design: unit changeability (including «hot swap»), eased set of spare parts and accessories onsite.
Malfunction diagnostic: diagnostic of units, control channels, communication channels, internal links etc.
Up-to-date communication capabilities: communication protocols IEC 61850, IEC 610870-5-101/104, complete device integration.
Reliable multiprocessor architecture: communication processor, input/output processor, algorithm processor.

Тех. спецификации

Detailed functions:
Relay protection (6-35 kV);
4-stage overcurrent protection (OCP) against phase-to-phase short circuit with current control in 2 or 3 phases;
Automatic start of overcurrent protection stages acceleration is triggered by circuit-breaker;
Current over-phase and unbalance protection;
Phase-to-earth fault protection by higher harmonics sum;
Phase-to-earth fault protection by current of nominal frequency;
Built-in test of voltage circuits.

Emergency automatics;
Breakers control automation function (BCA).
Single or double automatic reclosing.
Automatic switching over to a reserve source with restoration service functions.
Breaker failure protection.
Circuit breaker open/close operations by external commands with multiple switching protection.
External protections interface (ex.: arc protection)
Implementation of external signals.

Disturbance events recorder:
Starting at specified conditions (VA, VB, VC, V1, V2, 3U0, IA, IB, IC, I1, I2, 3I0, f, discrete signals, etc), manual (program);
Event logging.

Relay protection and automatics (additional):
Rapid and freely programmable logic (less than 5 ms per 1 iteration);
Fast-speed functions for current, voltage and frequency;
Remote internal configuration;
Remote input and energy-independent storage of protection trip points and designed automatics configurations;
Hold of outputs in case of device failure for exception of false firing.

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