Hand applied plaster

Информация о продукте

Единицы измерения

Вес: 30 000 гр
Объем: 0,06 м3
Длина: 0,80 м
Ширина: 0,40 м
Высота: 0,20 м

Описание товара

Universal hand applied plaster mix on
the basis of gypsum, lightweight filler
with application of mineral and modifying
additives, providing high adhesion, water
retention capacity and optimal work time.
Is used for levelling of walls and ceilings
for wallpaper hanging, painting, ceramic
tiling. Is suitable for use on any concrete,
brick, stone, plastered surfaces. Is used in
premises with normal humidity, as well as
in kitchens and bathrooms.
• Has a larger output of ready mortar (from 1 kg of
a dry mix) compared to analogues, that allows to
receive at least 10% more of finished surface
• High water retaining capacity and workability of
ready mortar significantly reduces labour costs:
plaster mix is easy to apply, flatten and smooth,
it is not delaminated or dehydrated even on
porous, absorbent base surfaces and at higher
• Allows the finishing levelling of surfaces without
the subsequent application of finishing spackling
• Does not crack during the application of a layer of
any thickness
• Allows to apply a plaster layer of a thickness of up
to 50 mm on a wall in one coat without preliminary
render. If necessary, you can apply thicker layers
in twice

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