Информация о продукте

Единицы измерения

Вес: 1 500 гр
Объем: 0,01 м3
Длина: 19 см
Ширина: 19 см
Высота: 24 см

Описание товара

GrillGo! – only natural components: coal, wooden beam, cardboard and ecologically safe flammable substance for guaranteed ignition.
GRILLGO! Is a totally eco-friendly product. All components have passed all appropriate ecological safety tests. Moreover, there is no more need to use any kind of lighter fluids and/or other ignition accelerators GrillGo! Burns ideally without therm.
GRILLGO! saves your time and contains all the neccesarry components which you had to buy separatly: charcoal and lighter fluid. You won’t even get your hands dirty! Just bend the tab in the lower part of
GRILLGO! and light it.

Тех. спецификации

Three-ply corrugated fiberboard box:
- burns well
- has nice ecodesign
- is easy to transport
- needs no recycling
- GrillGO! Differs favorably from other kinds of flammable products for BBQ.
Carry handle:
- is comfortable for customers
- convenient for storage
- demonstrates the box content
- ensures proper ventilation
- for a quick start
- you can easily access the flammable pad
- easy to open due to perforation
Matchs inside

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