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The most important thing about trading is to have good partners. We do ‘turn key’ sourcing from Russia, including the best price negotiation (up to 40% down from initial quote), pre-export verification, FOB and CIF delivery, as well as payment clearance and customs in Russia. Founded in 2015, we have facilitated over 80 export B2B transactions. Any products you might need for your business can be found for you in Russia by our sourcing managers with the best price and guaranteed quality, just send us your request.

In 2019 we have launched the reverse platform to help you find new customers and enter the market in Russia. For more information about it please visit join.b2b-export.com



Aquapower, Gachao Kiuna

"We've been working with B2B-Export for several years now. Their support was fantastic, supply was on time, but also they supported us on the maintenance and later on some modifications we required for our equipment"


Ghana , Bernard K.Blewu

"My trip to Russia was an eye opener for me. It was one stop shop for industry and commerce. We had a lot of contact with machinery and equipment manufacturing companies who we are talking to through B2B Export hence this current visit."

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