What is the export platform B2B-Export?

  • Online business-to-business trading platform B2B-EXPORT.COM - the easy and efficient way to source from Russia!

    Why you should purchase from Russia via B2B-EXPORT.COM?

    • You purchase direct from producers at the lowest possible price
    • Your deals are concluded quickly and inexpensively, because there is no middle-man
    • The producer guarantees the quality of the goods supplied
    • You purchase from reliable suppliers that have passed the audit conducted by our Platform
    • You can leave confidential comments about each product or purchase request with certainty it will reach the person responsible for exports directly
    • You will encounter no hidden expenses
    • You can follow the progress of the transaction from the placing of the order through the production of the goods to their delivery
    • You can influence the rating that the producer has; and choose only the best, trusted suppliers

    B2B-EXPORT.COM is working to integrate ever more sophisticated services, such as enabling the execution of the parties’ obligations during a transaction through an escrow account; as well as export financing and insurance.

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    About Russian products

    It is a misconception that Russia exports only raw materials and mineral resources; as Russian high value-added goods and services are very competitive internationally.

    Russia has historically been a world leader in nuclear, aerospace and some other technologies and today Russia continues to evolve and compete for leadership in technology.

    Which Russian products are the most attractive?

    • Power generation and transmission equipment
    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Mining exploration and beneficiation equipment
    • Oil/gas exploration, production, handling and services equipment
    • Machinery and production equipment
    • Motor vehicles, buses and special machinery
    • Railway transport and equipment
    • Aerial vehicles and equipment
    • Passenger and cargo ships and vessels
    • Engineering tools and precision equipment
    • Chemicals and fertilizers
    • Nuclear generation and materials technologies

    Which services are efficient to source from Russia?

    • IT-services, off-shore programming
    • Power engineering services
    • Engineering, procurement and construction of transport, power, pipeline infrastructure
    • Financial and legal services

    If you cannot find the goods you are looking for, you can publish an open Request for Proposals here and Russian suppliers will respond promptly!

    Start importing from Russia!

    About Us

    B2B-EXPORT.COM represents the next logical stage in the development of the B2B-Export Group of Companies, in its activities as an international agency matching international buyers with sellers in Russia.

    During the first 18 months of the initial phase of the company’s operation, our team has facilitated more than 50 transactions with a total value of $831.5 million.