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June 24, 2016, 4:23 p.m.
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July 8, 2016, 4:23 p.m.
Maxam Limited
Beer Production
Dear all,
We would like to receive your best technical and commercial offers for 50,000 hectolitres a year micro-brewery production line on terms.

Best regards

Daniel Kabaya


Supplier Hnykin Andrey Mihaylovich  July 6, 2016, 5:32 p.m.
“Malt Drinks”Ltd.
The commercial offer on supply and start-up of mini beer production line with the output of 12,000 liter/24 hours. The offer included beer wort production equipment with the output of 18,000 liter/24 hours. вставить картинку завода в сборке!!)
The present beer production line is designed to produce all types of classic German and Czech “live” beer: light, half-dark, and dark beer with the variation of dry stuff in primary beer wort between 8-18%. The equipment is made of stainless steel with semi-automatic control of brewing, fermentation, and after fermentation. The equipment is comply with all safety requirements.
Total capacity all the power consumers not more than 200kW, work capacity – 150-160kW. Production area – 380-390m2. The equipment is easy to operate, clean and disinfect. Warranty period – not less than 18 months. Operation time before overhaul – not less than 15 years.
The equipment set:
1. Maltcrusher (вставить картинку данного агрегата!!)
Q-ty 2pcs.
Output 150-250 kg/hour
Hummer type dustproof electric engine 1,5kW
Dimensions 1200х800х500mm
Weight 80kg

2. Mashing device (АЗ-3000) made of mirror stainless steel with thermal isolation, control panel, temperature sensor and electric steam generator (вставить картинку!!!)
Q-ty 1pcs.
Dimensions 1260х1300mm
Weight 250kg

3. Filtration device (АФ-300) made of mirror stainless steel with thermal isolation, laser sieve, and side hatch. вставить картинку!!!)
Q-ty 1pcs.
Dimensions 1320х1210mm
Weight 250kg

4. Beer wort boiling unit (AC-3000) made of mirror stainless steel with thermal isolation, electric heating element, control panel, and temperature sensor. вставить картинку!!!)
Q-ty 1pcs.
Dimensions 1320х1350mm
Weight 250kg

5. Hydrocyclone and cooling unit (АГО -3000) made of mirror stainless steel with tangential input of beer wort. (вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 1pcs.
Dimensions 1250х1310mm
Weight 250kg

6. Disk shaped heat exchanger made of stainless steel. (вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 2pcs.
Dimensions 300x500mm
Weight 25kg
Output 500 liter/hour

7. Hot water tank (БГВ-2000) – 2 шт. вставить картинку!!)
8. Centrifugal pump for pumping wort and beer. вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 8pcs.
Dimensions 500x400mm
Weight 20kg
Output 4,5 m3/hour

9. Fermentation unit (АБ-6000) made of polished stainless steel with measuring glass, valves, and upper hatch. вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 12pcs.
Volume 6,1m3
Weight 380kg

10. After-fermentation unit (АД-6000) made of polished stainless steel with measuring glass, column spunder, valves, manometer, and safety valve. вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 24pcs.
Volume 6,2m3
Weight 390kg

11. Wall-mounted automated cooling unit with installed air cooling device. вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 4 sets.
Power consumption 2-3kW
Weight 100kg (4 sets)
Dimensions 600x1200x800

12. Spare parts for assembling at site: taps, hoses, adapters, fittings, etc. – 1 set.
Basic set price – 528 100 EUR.
Additional equipment.
1. Yeast brewing unit to collect, process and clean surplus of work yeast вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 1 set.
Price 1510 EUR
Weight 30kg
Dimensions 500x100mm

2. Water filter. вставить картинку!!)

Q-ty 1 pcs.
Price 850 EUR
Output 1m3/hour

3. Mixing tank to mix and blend several types of beers before pouring. вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 1 pcs.
Price 810 EUR

4. Measuring tank for ready-made beer made of mirror stainless steel with thermal isolation, manometer, safety valve, valves and measuring glass : вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 6 sets.
Price total 23 940 EUR
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 600x1700
Volume of column spunder 0,65m3

5. Kegg (beer transportation tank) washing system вставить картинку!!)
Q-ty 1 pcs.
Price 3 940 EUR

6. Portion equipment to pour out ready-made beer in plastic bottles
Q-ty 1 set.
Price 9800 EUR

7. Mobile cleaning unit for tanks washing
Q-ty 1 set.
Price 3220 EUR

Additional equipment price – 44 070 EUR
Total price – 572 170 EUR

Beer line assembling at site:
1. Assembling and start-up of production line with warranty for the work 15% or 85 825.50 EUR
2. Start-up of the production line with technological documents handing over incl. “know-how” 8% or 45 773.60 EUR
3. Total price for assembling 131 599.10 EUR

Total turnkey basis price – 703 769.10 EUR
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Supplier Hnykin Andrey Mihaylovich  July 6, 2016, 5:48 p.m.
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Corporate buyer Daniel Kabaya  Aug. 3, 2016, 12:57 p.m.
This is well received, thanks.
On the micro-brewery, we had requested a revision of production capacity to 100,000HCL and subsequently a revised quote.
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