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Sculpture - brazier "Arkhar"

Price from: $20,000
  • Min. Order: 1
  • Package: Pallet

Sculpture of mountain arkhara in full size with a built-in barbecue.
It is executed in a single exclusive copy.
Hot art forging, chasing.

ООО Кузнечная мастерская "Бутик художественной ковки"

Moscow (Moscow & Moscow Region), Russia

Extra large weathervane series Suite "Cockerel"

Price from: $61.49
  • Min. Order: 1
  • Package:
Weathercocks series "LUX" wholesale and retail at a price 30% below the market! From the manufacturer. Delivery in Russia and CIS. Deferment of payment. Good discounts on wholesale purchases! Weathercocks series "LUX" from "FLUGEROVO" have 2 bearings! Watch a short video about ...