Densimetric separator ERGA DS

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 700 kg
  • Volume: 1.82 м3
  • Length: 1,950 mm
  • Width: 690 mm
  • Height: 1,350 mm

Product Description

ERGA DS densimetric separators are designed for effective separation of bulk materials by density depending on particles weight and shape. Sorting into light and heavy fractions takes place on the inclined vibrating screen surface with circulating air flow and screen vibration.

• ERGA DS densimetric separators can adjust separation mode depending on material and particle size. Accuracy of adjusting the inclination angle and frequency of the vibrating screen oscillation, strength of air flow ensure high quality separation of materials.
• Simple equipment design provides maximum comfort during operation.

ERGA DS densimetric separators are used in food industry for cleaning bulk products from stones, glass, dust, and in recycling for processing shredded cable scrap, tires, household waste, and incineration bottom slag. The separators of this type are also effectively applied in mining, glass and construction industries for solution of corresponding tasks.

* overall dimensions in the description are shown on model DS 600x1200 example

REMOS automated remote monitoring option is available for ERGA DS densimetric separators, which allows you to monitor equipment status by transmitting data in real time.
• Monitoring equipment state in real time
• Remote diagnostics and timely troubleshooting
• Downtime minimization
• Emergency situations prevention and your company efficiency increase
The interface of your REMOS account allows you to monitor key performance indicators of the enterprise’s technological process online from anywhere in the world from any device. REMOS system provides the ability to set up a personalized mailing of alerts based on a given list of recipients. A smartphone that is always at hand, a tablet, laptop or a desktop computer:
• SMS messages
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