Dynamic scales (checkweigher) WECONT

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Volume: 1.40 м3
  • Length: 880 mm
  • Width: 840 mm
  • Height: 1,899 mm

Product Description

WECONT dynamic scales (checkweigher) make it possible to determine the deviation of products by weight (underweight / overweight) with high accuracy, combining the functions of control, classification, sorting and rejection of products whose weight does not correspond to the specified value.
High accuracy of weighing and speed of data processing / analysis can increase the volume of production of quality products, reducing and eliminating rejects and complaints.
• The use of WECONT dynamic scales helps to increase the profitability of your production, including by eliminating the overweight of finished products.
• WECONT automatic dynamic weighing system eliminates the human factor completely, thereby reducing costs.
• A guarantee of product compliance with specified weight parameters ensures compliance with the quality standard of your products, confirming the reputation of a reliable partner and manufacturer.

Intuitive control
- The WECONT control panel is a 7-inch high-definition touch screen with an intuitive user interface *: there are 3 levels of access to the equipment settings (worker, engineer, service technician):

• Automatic zero point calibration
• Automatic data recovery in case of power outages
• Setting an arbitrary mass range
• Infinitely variable conveyor speed
• Quick call and convenient use of data on 100 products
• Control of weighing time and interval between weighings depending on the product being weighed
• Ability to integrate with 1C via Ethernet channel with a description of the data protocol
* The language control panel is configured in accordance with the wishes of the Customer

Ability to save up to 100 products
- The individual settings you have entered for a specific product are stored in the system memory, designed for 100 commodity items.

Modular design
- The modular design of WECONT equipment includes 4 units: a feed conveyor, a conveyor scale, a control unit, and a support frame. Simple and quick replacement of one of the blocks in the event of a malfunction can reduce equipment downtime.

Protection Class IP-65
- The WECONT stainless steel dynamic weighing enclosure complies with IP-65 protection, which meets the increased hygiene requirements in the food industry. Equipment can be washed.

I / O
- The device is equipped with rejector and alarm outputs, an input for connecting a metal detector, as well as RS-232 interfaces

Specifications on the example of the model WC-A-200
• Maximum weighing limit: 2,000 g
• Resolution: 0.1 g
• Accuracy: 0.5 g
• Productivity **: 150 pcs / min
• Conveyor belt width: 200 mm
• Conveyor speed: 15-100 m / min
• Weight sensor: strain gauge load sensor
• Control Panel / Display: 7-inch LCD touch screen
• Number of memorized positions: 100 positions
• Power supply: single-phase 220V ± 10%, 50 Hz, with grounding
• Optional: rejector
** Throughput may vary depending on product size and conveyor speed

WECONT dynamic scales can be delivered in conjunction with ERGUARD metal detectors manufactured by ERGA, taking into account the individual requirements and characteristics of your production.

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