Safe city video analytics solution

Vendor code # Russian developer of smart city solutions based on artificial intelligence and neural networks

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Product Details

Product Description

Safe City software easily connected and cooperated with existing IP-cameras and allowing prevent crime, traffic jams and incidents:
1. Real-time search for individuals in a wild environment
2. Detection and storage of all individual appearances within the camera coverage area for the future analysis
3. Search and recognition based on photos or still images
4. Working with “Black” and “White” suspect lists – automated notification on suspect appearances within the camera coverage area
5. Instant client identification allowing for “VIP” personalized service straight from the entrance
6. Zone access control – automatic notification system tools to assign different suspect lists and rules for specific areas
7. Integration with the existing access control systems
8. Prevention of ID card passing to third parties
9. Time tracking of the presence/absence at work place and in the public places
10. Biometric authorization for IT systems and access check-points
11. Analysis and search capabilities within video archives without the need of connection to cameras
12. Integration with popular ACS, to prevent passkey transfer
13. Car search by license number
14. Early detection of traffic jams
15. Safe and fast corridor for special transport (smart traffic lights)
16. Road incidents detection
17. Dangerous and aggressive driving behavior detection
18. Illegal parking detection
19. Suspicious items on roads detection
20. Real time fights and dangerous human behavior recognition
21. Falls over on the street detection
22. Early fire detection
23. Suspicious items detection
24. Terror prevention

Technical Specs

1. Vendor-free, camera model independent platform - ability to connect and cooperate with any existing IP-cameras
2. High performance - analysis of video records with up to x10 of real time speed
3. Recognition and reaction in real time upon live video streams
4. Ethnic and age tolerance, high accuracy in recognition with all kinds of faces
5. A variety of modes, including any combination of «black» and «white» suspect lists

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