ERGA PSM-2 magnetic plate separator

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Volume: 0.03 м3
  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width: 305 mm
  • Height: 300 mm

Product Description

ERGA PSM-2 plate iron separator system is installed in a gravity circular or rectangular pipeline and ensures
efficient separation of impurities with high capacity.

• High capacity of cleaning material from impurities
Infeed material is divided into 2 flows by the splitter angle in the center. The divided flows are directed to the operating surfaces of 2 magnetic plates mounted on opposite sides of the gravity pipe. The magnetic system parameters are selected individually, taking into account peculiarities of the customer’s production, thus guarantee maximum efficient cleaning of material from impurities with high capacity.

• Reliable retention of fines
Work surfaces of the magnetic plates are equipped with special ribs forming the so-called shadow zones, necessary for reliable retention of metal fines and preventing their flow with the rest of material.

• Guarantee of end product quality
Robust and durable PSM-2 magnetic plate iron separator with a powerful magnetic system increases the volume of production of quality products, eliminating defects and claims, confirming the reputation of a reliable partner and manufacturer.

• Easy assembly and operation
Compact PSM-2 iron separators are integrated into the required process line section even in conditions of extremely limited installation space and does not need any additional redesign.
For easy installation backing and fastening flanges are used in PSM-2 design. A spare kit of adapter flanges is available for order.
There are no bearings or other rotating elements in the separator design: there is simply nothing to get broken in it! Proper cleaning of impurities - and no additional maintenance.

• Easy cleaning
The retained impurities are cleaned manually after stopping the product flow.

* Customized solutions can be designed according to the order requirements.


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