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Price/PCE $6.70

Container Price $6.20 ($6.20/PCE)
  • Package: 20‘ DC
  • Items/Container: 1
  • Min. Order: 1 Container


Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 2,446 gr
  • Volume: 0.01 м3
  • Length: 406.40 mm
  • Width: 145 mm
  • Height: 101.50 mm

Product Description

We are the manufacturer of tire with VELOCE and KINGS TIRE brand: Light Truck tire, Wheel Barrow Tires Tuk Tuk tire, Garden tire, Agricultural tire, Motorcycle is especially
We can make by your brand (if you have certification of that brand)
We are looking for agent in Southern Asia with special discount policies
Contact to: Annie
Email: [email protected]

Technical Specs

145/70-6 V-1509 9N/2PR/TL
145/70-6 V-1509 2PR/TT
145/70-6 V-1509 16N/4PR/TL
145/70-6 V-1509 6PR/TL

19X7.00-8 V-1568 23N/2PR/TL
19X7.00-8 V-1568 31N/4PR/TL
19X7.00-8 V-1568 6PR/TL

18x9.50-8 V-1508 31N/4PR/TL
18x9.50-8 V-1508 6PR/TL
18X9.50-8 V-1568 31N/4PR/TL
18X9.50-8 V-1568 6PR/TL


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