Dump car UVS-22

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 22 ton
  • Volume: 22.97 м3
  • Length: 9,300 mm
  • Width: 1,300 mm
  • Height: 1,900 mm

Product Description

Four-axle dump car UVS-22 with a loading capacity of 22 metric tons is designed to transport ore and overburden with unloading into dump hoppers or dumps on 750 mm gauge railways. It is used for loading individual lumps weighing up to 1 metric ton on preliminary filling from small fractions of cargo.

The dump car is an all-steel self-unloading car of welded design that consists of a lower frame, a dump body, unloading devices, a truck, train-stop and coupling equipment.

Unloading is carried out by tilting the body to an angle of 45° by pneumatic cylinders (one on each side), which are driven by compressed air coming directly from the locomotive or fixed compressor plant. When the body is tilted, the side leans towards the unloading site and serves as a floor.

Technical Specs

750 - 760 Gauge [mm]

40 Min. radius of curvature [m]

50 Maximum speed [km/h]

22+1 Loading capacity [metric ton]

10±2 Body volume [m3]

11±0.2 Tare weight [metric tons]

Pneumatic unloading system
Dump car dimensions [mm]:

9300 – coupled length

1300 – width

1900 – height

2 Number of dumping cylinders [pcs]

Slope when unloading [degrees]

4 Number of axles [pcs]

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