PET sheets

Product Details


Weight: 1.33 кг
Volume: 0.77 м3
Length: 2.05 м
Width: 1.25 м
Height: 0.30 м

Product Description

PET sheets can serve as an economical substitute for solid polycarbonates of small thickness.
It is a polyester-based material with high transparency (light transmittance of 88-90%), excellent impact resistance (10 times more effective than acrylic glass) and flexibility. It is a nonflammable polymer, but when heated above 70 degrees PET sheets can take almost any form using thermovacuum molding. Pet sheets are characterized by high chemical resistance.

Technical Specs

0.3 mm - 4 mm (12 mm)
1,25 *2,05 mm
3,05 * 2,05 mm

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