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Product Description

Complex of equipment for the processing of plastic waste into secondary polymeric raw materials.

Recycling material:
- LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, thread-like materials (PP woven bags)
Capacity (depends on the material to be recycled):
- LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, PP bags (average) 200-250 kg/h
Power consumption (depends on washing line configuration):
- installed 54,5 kW/h
- real 38 kW/h
Water consumption (Water circled):
- water replacement rate depends on the amount and type of contamination. The volume of water in the system is 1 m3
Number of operating personnel:
- worker (if the washing line is connected to the crusher, the additional staff to work on it is not needed)
- mechanics for service

Technical Specs

Complex consists of:
- Hot washing unit (“Economic” series)
- Dewatering unit (“Economic” series)
- Film drying unit (“Economic” series)
- Unloading unit without air blower

Each module performs it's own task, allowing you to purchase only those modules that are necessary for solving your specific tasks.Technical characteristics and prices for separate units are available in the catalof (Download via Free catalog button under the picture)

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