Vibrating screen for sieving dry milk mixtures

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Product Details


Weight: 240 кг
Volume: 2.35 м3
Length: 1,676 мм
Width: 1,475 мм
Height: 950 мм

Product Description

Vibrating sieves and screeners have been widely used in the food industry, they are used for flour, milk powder, starch, sugar, egg powder, spices, chocolate, cheese and cheese whey and many other products.

A round vibrating screen (vibrating screen, vibrating screen, screen, vibrating separator, sifter) is an industrial equipment used in various areas, and performs various, but similar in functions, sorting of particles by size. The product enters the sieve, under the influence of vibration, oscillations and gravitational forces, particles smaller than the cells of the mesh web are sieved, and particles larger than the sieve cells are screened out.

The main types of tasks solved by means of a vibrating screen:

1. Sifting of large pieces and particles of a dry product (1 sieve)
2. Sorting (sieving) of dry material into several fractions in size (up to 4 dec)
3. Dewatering - separation of liquid from particles of material
4. Filtration - rough cleaning of liquids from small amounts of material, up to 30 microns.

In two months we will develop, produce and install a unique sieving equipment that increases the productivity of the production line to 35%. In order to ensure that our equipment works excellently, you can come to our showroom or send us your product for test sieving.

For a more detailed definition of the parameters / performance of the vibrating screen when sifting / classifying your material, on our site you need to download a questionnaire, fill it out and send it to our e-mail address. After analyzing your data we will select for you the optimal version of the vibration equipment.

Technical Specs

Vibrosieve Vvu2.1200.VCH 1 (Two-motor high-frequency vibrating screen with a diameter of the screening surface of 1200 mm)
Nominal output power. Vibrators, kW, Italy-2 x 0.75
Number of revolutions, r / h -1500 Number of decks - 1
Diameter of the deck, m / area of the mesh, m2 - 1,2 / 1,1
Nominal frequency of oscillations of the case, Hz-25
Frequency spectrum of grid vibrations, Hz-25-300
Dimensions, h. X vis., Mm 1676х1475х950
Housing material that contacts the product that is sieved - Stainless steel Weight, kg up to 240
Country of origin: Ukraine
Vibrating screen: Vvu2.1200.1 VCHya.

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