Anti-caking, flowability amplifier Covelos (E-551)

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Volume: 32 liter
  • Length: 40 sm
  • Width: 20 sm
  • Height: 90 sm

Product Description

Our company produces high-purity amorphous silica (synthetic silica). Trade name products – Covelos. Covelos is a wonderful flowing agent (E-551). It improves the flowability and increases the shelf life of dry powdered compositions, including powder, by preventing their caking, adsorption of excess moisture to prevent mould formation and the emergence of insect pests. Also Cavelos allows you to keep such an important property for certain foods that reflect their quality, as the crunch.
Improving the flowability of powdery compositions with the help of Covelo increases the productivity of process lines and a positive effect on the dosing accuracy.
The standard input "Cavelos®" in the dry ingredients (crackers, chips, spices, dry milk, dry whey, cocoa, etc.) is from 0.3% to 0.9% by weight of the composition. Optimum result of flowability is achieved when the input of the agent at a dose of 0.5%.
"Cavelos®" thermally stable, chemically inert, insoluble in water, safe for human health and animals.

Technical Specs

Form - powder
Taste - no
Smell - no
Color - white
The content of amorphous silica in dry matter - 98%
The specific surface area of 350 sq. m./g
The particle size of 7-12 microns
Bulk density 120-140 g/liter
pH - 6,5-7,6
Solubility in water - insoluble

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