Cryogenic air separation unit

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    $278,592.06 ($278,592.06/PCE)

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      1 Pallet(s)

Product Details


Weight: 25 тонна
Volume: 60 м3
Length: 3 м
Width: 2 м
Height: 10 м

Product Description

Nitrogen lying AND 0,6; ALREADY-0,6
Oxygen lying:-0,15; K-0,25;-0,5; SHQ-0,5; CCG-0,5
Nitrogen and Oxygen lie: Aiki-0,05; Aiki-0,06; Aiki-0,07; Kikai-0,25; KA-0,45; AK-0,6; AK-1.5; Acekard-2 (QL-2)

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