Catalyst of desulphurization "IVKAZ"

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The catalyst of desulphurization of IVKAZ is a highly effective, advanced Russian analog of the ftalotsianinovykh Merox WS, ARI 100-EXL, Merox PLUS catalysts.
The IVKAZ catalyst is held for use on installations:
- alkaline purification of oil and gas condensates of hydrogen sulfide and merkaptan;
- alkaline purification of the liquefied hydrocarbonic gases of hydrogen sulfide and merkaptan;
- cleanings of hydrogen sulfide and merkaptan of straight-run petrol fraction (FR. 62─180 C) or gasoline of catalytic cracking with the high content of sulfur merkaptanovy;
- purifications of sulphurous gas condensates and easy hydrocarbonic fractions of hydrogen sulfide and low-molecular merkaptan;
- cleanings a pentane - hexane fraction from merkaptan;
- cleanings of the sulphurous and alkaline drains (SAD), technological water condensates of sulphurous connections;
- ammoniac and catalytic purification of heavy oils of hydrogen sulfide and merkaptan;
- processes of Merox.

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