Dezitall C-01 Long-lasting antibacterial surface protection

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Volume: 0.30 м3
  • Length: 290 sm
  • Width: 150 sm
  • Height: 260 sm

Product Description

An innovative composition, being a nano-dimensional active matrix, provides slow release of active ingredients having an antimicrobial effect to 12 months on processed surfaces.
The use of innovative Desitol-01 is:
• Forming the even antimicrobial protective polymer film
• Easiness of application
• Long service life
• Wide scope of activity
• Almost invisible after drying up, does not spoil or change the processed surface appearance
• Possibility to apply in hard-to-reach surfaces
• Possibility of wet cleaning
One package 5 cans of 1 liter

Technical Specs

The technology is based on the principle of creation of a polymer layer with prolonged antimicrobial action on the surface. Due to its unique properties, the momentary destruction of microorganisms, present both on the surface and getting there in the process of operation is guaranteed after the application.
‘DESITOL-01’ coverage may be applied with a brush, roller, regular canister or spray gun. In the process of the coverage operation, the short-term contact with water is allowed.
‘DESITOL S-01’ is applied for obtaining the preventive protective antimicrobial long-action layer on different surfaces:
- in residential houses;
-in industrial premises (warehouse, office, etc);
- in medioprophilactic institutions and institutions of various profiles;
- in children's institutions (schools, pre-school institutions, etc.);
- for objects of social importance;
- for public utility services;
- for public catering and trade establishments;
- for other objects requiring antimicrobial processing.

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