W-1941 "Going to your Bon-Bon"

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Weight: 100 гр
Volume: 0.01 м3
Length: 0.50 м
Width: 0.10 м
Height: 0.10 м

Product Description

Manufacturer: Panna. Type of embroidery: cross-stitch. Size: 23х28 cm . Height, sm: 21-30. Width, cm: 21-30. Technique: cross stitch (counted cross, half-cross, backstich), a partial fill . Canvas: Aida 16 . The type of canvas: 16. The color of the canvas: white . Composition of thread: cotton. Scheme: a color character . The kit includes: canvas Aida K16 No. 16 Gamma white cotton floss on organizer (34 color), a color symbolic scheme, needle, instructions for embroidery . Number of colors: 34 . The number of mixed colors (blends): 3 . Additional information: Raccoons symbolize ingenuity, curiosity and creativity. It is believed that embroidered raccoon will inspire new ideas and help implement its plans. . The composition of the canvas: cotton .

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