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Product Details


Weight: 4,200 гр
Volume: 360,000 м3
Length: 300 м
Width: 120 м
Height: 10 м

Product Description

The K-2 lining is used together with the K-1 or K-3 lining and the C-4 screed as the rail fastening assembly P50, P65 to the reinforced concrete sleepers ШТ-12, ШТ-27 and the slabs НСП 35.10 in the ways for rolling autotransformers and shunt reactors . It is made according to the working drawing 3.407.1-148.2-011 or 407-3-0603.91-КС.И-7 from details of the corrected hire, a steel of mark Вст3. The K-2 lining fits into the transformer path between the transformer STT-27 sleeper and the P50 or P65 rail, for a more even distribution of the load from the rolled transformer to the ferro-concrete tie. We produce fasteners for railway, crane and transformer ways: - Straps for holding and pressing for R-65, R-50, R-43, R-24, R-18, KR-70, KR-80, KR-100, KR-120, KR-140 - Clamping straps: P1, P2 according to GOST 24741-81; MS-1, MS-2 - Thrust bars: У1, У2, У3 in accordance with GOST 24741-81 - Straps for clamping PM3 and thrust PM3 - Fastening elements: К-1, К-3, МН-4, МП-1, МП- 2, MP-3, AM-1, AM-2, AM-3, MT-1, bolt T20 and C6, D-1, D-4, D-6, D-13, KR-12, T-19 , stop V1 - Lining K-2, MK-3, MK-4 - Beams B-1, B-2, D-7, D-8, D-9 - Rails P-1, P-2, P-3 , П-4, ЖД-6, ЖД-9 - Screeds С-1, С-2, С-3, С-4, С-6, С-7 - Butt joints for crane rails КР-70/80 (РС3 ), КР-100 (РС4), КР-120 (РС5), КР-140 (РС6) - Cover of temperature joint ТС3, ТС4, ТС5, ТС6, ТС7

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