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Jam from pine cones

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  • Weight: 2 kg
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  • Length: 15 sm
  • Width: 15 sm
  • Height: 10 sm

Product Description

The shoots of a young cone of pine are collected far from the roads in the remote Siberian taiga. Carefully we sort out from extraneous garbage, then there is a procedure soaking with subsequent cooking no more than 5 minutes. Mistresses perfectly know the concept of medicinal jam "five-minute" in their practice. In this cycle of treatment of shoots, all the necessary microelements and useful qualities of the product are retained. Pine is known to be one of the most popular phytoncidal plants, biologically active substances suppress active growth or completely kill microscopic fungi and bacteria. Pine jam is an excellent antiviral, so a few spoons a day are recommended for flu and colds, as well as angina especially for children. If you add this delicacy to warm tea, then in a few days you can get rid of the diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as dry and wet cough, has a diaphoretic effect. With the help of jam from pine cones you can fight with bronchitis and bronchial asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy. Few people know, but pine jam can ease the pain in the gums. To eliminate pain, you should simply lubricate a small amount of product with a problem area. In a few minutes the unpleasant sensations will die down. Such sweetness is used for beriberi, that is, when the body lacks vitamins. This is usually observed in the winter or early spring. Intensify gastric secretion, they are taken with many diseases of the stomach. As practice shows, such jam helps to cope even with such a serious disease as a stomach ulcer. This treat is a very strong antioxidant. It protects the human body from the negative effects of free radicals and has a pronounced antitumor effect. Vitamins and their action: - Vitamin C has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system and strengthens blood vessels. - Vitamins of group B participate in protein synthesis and promote blood clotting. - Vitamin P normalizes heart rhythm, strengthens capillary walls and reduces swelling of tissues - a variety of essential oils, lipids, monoterpene hydrocarbons, bioflavonoids and linolenic acid - tannins help in the fight against stroke. Contraindications: Experts do not recommend the abuse of pine jam. For example, an overdose of this product can lead to an unpleasant allergic reaction, gastric disorders and headaches. For good health, 2 small spoons of jam per day will be enough. Jam from pine cones is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also from this sweetness it is better to refuse to the elderly people over 60 years old. However, caring parents should know that in some cases this product can cause an allergic reaction, especially in children under 7 years old. Therefore, before you begin to treat the baby with pine sweetness, you should first give it a very small portion. If pine cones were collected in ecologically unclean terrain, then after using jam from them, various complications may arise.

Technical Specs

Bank glass: - 450 ml - 500 rubles / piece. - 200 ml - 300 rubles / piece. Bank plastic: - 130 ml - 220 rubles / pcs. - 250 ml - 320 rubles / piece. - 450 ml - 500 rubles / piece. For shipment by mail or for transportation by plane we use plastic jars. We accept orders for decoration of gift thematic sets (jam, honey, tea, ecochocolate) for holidays and corporate gifts.

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