Highly concentrated nano-impregnation NANO-FIX

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Volume: -0.00 м3
  • Length: 0.08 m
  • Width: 0.08 m
  • Height: -0.75 m

Product Description

NANO-FIX ™ contains in its structure nano-sized (10-50 nanometers) particles of special high-quality polymers and due to this has excellent properties: - has excellent penetrability in porous materials, equalizes the absorbency of porous surfaces; - provides dedusting, increases the surface strength and wear resistance of concrete, cement, gypsum, stone and wood substrates before applying adhesives, paints and other coatings; - increases the adhesion between different materials, reduces the absorbency of surfaces and, thus, significantly reduces the consumption of adhesives, paints and other materials when applied; - can be used outdoors to strengthen and protect surfaces of concrete, cement, natural stone and wood from destruction under the influence of UF-rays, precipitation and temperature changes; - is a hypoallergenic material, as it does not contain chemical solvents, toxic components or harmful compounds; increases the service life of surfaces; - preserves the vapor permeability of surfaces; - compatible with all plasters, putties and paints; - has a weak neutral odor, which quickly evaporates when the impregnation dries.

Technical Specs

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