High-strength chemical protection S-COMPOSIT

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Volume: 0.01 м3
  • Length: 0.15 m
  • Width: 0.17 m
  • Height: 0.26 m

Product Description

S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings have the highest adhesion to the surfaces to be treated, have a long service life (indoors for up to 50 years, in an open atmosphere for at least 15 years), do not harm human health even with direct constant contact with drinking water and food. Polyurethane coatings S-COMPOSIT can be used for the protection of concrete floors, walls, ceilings, metal structures, pipelines, beams, bulkheads on sea and river vessels, vehicle bottoms, railroad train, pipelines. Compositions of S-COMPOSIT were created especially for industrial facilities operating under severe conditions with intensive exposure to external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, high humidity, acid evaporation, etc. The highest resistance of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings to abrasion, flexibility, vibration resistance and high adhesion makes it possible to apply them, including for anti-corrosion treatment of transport objects. Polymerization of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings occurs when they interact with air moisture or when a special catalyst is added to their composition, which ensures complete drying in the shortest possible time and a fast set of strength. The fillability of formulations with different target substances gives them additional properties of hydrophobicity, aesthetic appearance, strength, etc. The use of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings on concrete surfaces not only protects them from external influences, but also improves the properties of the concrete itself, penetrating into their structure. Concrete, the surface of which is impregnated with the composition of S-COMPOSIT, becomes hydrophobic, its surface does not dust with mechanical action, its strength grade actually increases many times. The application of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane composition to metal products significantly increases their service life, since it reduces or even completely eliminates any external impact. The highest adhesion and flexibility of S-COMPOSIT coatings allows them not to exfoliate from the metal in case of its thermal expansion and constriction, as well as in the bends and vibrations of the substrate. The production of S-COMPOSIT compounds is organized in the most modern reactor facilities, which allow to ensure the conditions for production at the necessary temperatures and maximum dryness of air during production, so that the finished mixture is a highly stable polymer. Materials and composites of world leaders in the chemical industry are used as raw materials. Summarizing the above, it can be concluded that the use of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings for the protection of a wide variety of surfaces allows not only to perform high quality work in the shortest possible time, but also save money on subsequent repairs.

Technical Specs

Information on technical characteristics you can find on our website: http://www.inn-t.com/kharakteristiki-s-composit


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