"МТ101-E" series pressure transmitter (small-sized, energy-efficient)

Product Details


Weight: 300 гр
Volume: 1 м3
Length: 1 м
Width: 1 м
Height: 1 м

Product Description

In the systems of automatic control, regulation and technological processes control in chemical, petrochemical and oil refining manufacturing; in the fields of thermal power, water industry, gas distribution networks, as well as at nuclear facilities.

Technical Specs

Upper pressure measurement ranges
- absolute 0.25...16 bar
- gauge 0.025...1000 bar
- differential 0.0016... 160 bar (Execution 1)
0.16...25 bar (Execution 2)
- gauge pressure - vacuum
±0.03...±0.8 bar
-1...(+5...+39) bar
Output 0.4-2 V
Power supply 3.6 V
Accuracy ±0,15%; ±0,2%; ±0,25%; ±0,5%
Protection IP65
Overload capacity up to 200% URL

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