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disc harrow

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 1,800 kg
  • Volume: 6.92 м3
  • Length: 2.80 m
  • Width: 1.90 m
  • Height: 1.30 m

Product Description

1. The frame will last long and will not break - you do not have to spend
time and money for repair and reinforcement of the frame, because for
The production of the frame uses profile pipes with a cross-section
100x150 mm, and a wall thickness of 6 mm, not made of
"Fence", and machine-building steel.
2. Disk is enough for a long time - you will not spend resources on
too frequent replacement of discs, as they last longer erased,
because they are made of boron-containing steel 6 mm thick.,
resistant to erasure, and have a double sharpening, so
When erased, the disc is self-sharpened.
3. The rack does not break and does not "sour" - you do not have to spend
time and money to replace the pillars and knock out "sour" racks, for
in order to adjust the angle of attack, because we
install reinforced stands 58.5 mm, which bend on
cold, without changing the structure of the metal. The rack has a channel
for lubrication and lubrication, and a bushing with a groove, while the rack
can be lubricated, and the lubricant is retained between the hub and
4. The cutting unit will not fail - you do not have to spend
resources and time to repair cutting knots, as they are reliable.
The axis is made of a single piece of metal, and not welded. Thread is not
torn - reinforced thread M27, instead of M24. The nut does not relax -
The washer is not deformed due to the enlarged nut. Bearings
Do not break it - they are not at a skew, because Seats
They are ground in one pass with an accuracy of 25 thousandth of a millimeter.

in 46 regions of Russia
1. Reliable and durable technique
2. Qualitative processing of your fields
3. Good harvest, and as a consequence - more income

Technical Specs

Harrow type semi-trailer
Productivity ha / hour up to 5
Operating speed km / h 8-12
Transport speed km / h up to 25

Moisture of soil

rollerless roller% up to 40
with a flat cable of the roller% up to 30
with spiral roller% up to 20
Working width m 2,6
Depth of processing cm to 18
Disk attack angle ° from 0 to 30
Number of rows pcs. 2
Number of cutting units pcs. 18
Distance between discs mm 1350
Diameter of the working bodies mm 560
Weight kg 1800
Dimensions in working position:

width mm 2900
Height mm 1205
length mm 5775

Aggregation with tractors:

Traction class not less than 1,4
Power hp not less than 80

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