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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 1,050 kg
  • Volume: 24.38 м3
  • Length: 4.30 m
  • Width: 4.20 m
  • Height: 1.35 m

Product Description

1. Machine-building steel - for the production of our
cultivators, we use machine-building steel,
made in accordance with GOST, instead of "fence". This increases
strength and durability of the structure. Using
GOST steel increases the value of cultivators, but
provides a long and reliable service without unexpected
2. S-shaped rack of Italian production - on our
Cultivators are mounted S-shaped racks only from
Italian factory OFAS. This ensures a long service life.
You will be engaged in the cultivation of the soil, instead of
change the constantly breaking rack.
3. We can replace the S-shaped racks on the drain of the CPS - so will
much cheaper. Farms often purchase cultivators with
KPS stands up when they want to save money and when they do not plan
use it for presowing treatment.
4. Adjustable depth cultivator - cultivator
has 2 support wheels, on each of them is installed
hydraulic cylinder. Using the hydraulic cylinder nut, you can
Set the depth of tillage from 8 to 16 cm. This makes
Cultivator is universal and allows using it both for
steam, and for presowing treatment.
5. 3 rows of spring harrow - provide combing
weeds, so new sprout more slowly. And
level the soil, providing more favorable conditions
for sowing. It is possible to adjust the depth
processing by a spring harrow.
6. 2 slat ice rinks - smash the lumps compact and level
soil, creating more favorable conditions for sowing.

In 46 regions of Russia
Buying and using this cultivator you get:
1. Reliable and durable technique
2. Qualitative processing of your fields
3. Good harvest, and as a consequence - more income

Technical Specs

Rack SPS
Productivity ha / h 5 5
Operating speed km / h 8-12 8-12
Transport speed km / h not more than 25 no more than 25
Working width m 4 4.1
Weight kg 1500 1500
Width mm 4200 4300
Height mm 1350 1300
Length (length with roller and

mm 4300 (6000) 4300 (6000)
Depth of treatment cm 4-15 5-12
Number of rows pcs. 3 4
Distance between rows cm 110 min 55
Distance between columns 60 60 60
Number of racks total pcs. 19 27
Overlap between the legs mm 70 50
Tractor power l. from. not less than 80 not less than 80

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