Soybean meal protein 46-52 %

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Units of measurement

  • Weight: 1 ton
  • Volume: 1 м3
  • Length: 1 m
  • Width: 1 m
  • Height: 1 m

Product Description

Implement soybean meal feed.
The products meet the following quality indicators:
Mass fraction of moisture – no more than 13%
Crude protein (ASV) - not less than 46%-52%
Crude fiber – not more than 5,0%
Crude fat-1,5-2,0%
Urease-0,03-0,1 mg N / g min. at 30 S
For all other indicators of quality meal corresponds to GOST R 53799-2010
Meshkotara, big-bags, mound.
Wagon, container deliveries.
Implementation of 100 tons.

Soybean meal is used as a feed additive for animals, birds, fish.
Soybean meal is used as an additive in the preparation of combined feed and mixtures.
Soybean meal has the highest lysine digestibility (91%).
It also plays an important role in the digestibility of methionine, cystine and threonine.
Soybean meal is one of the highest quality products of plant origin for feeding farm animals, birds, fish.

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