The Striboil nano-modifier - anti-wear lubricant agent

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Product Details


Weight: 30 гр
Volume: 15 см3
Length: 21 см
Width: 3 см
Height: 3 см

Product Description

The Striboil anti-wear nano-modifier is a product of nanotechnologies which allows to significantly reduce mechanical friction losses and ensures fail- free operation of equipment, extends the service life of lubricants and fine filters. It also has anti-oxidant and detergent characteristics, making it possible to reduce the amount traditional oils and additives needed for the operation, and therefore cut lubricant costs. The nano-modifier treatment does not require a stopover of the equipment and is made in the regular operation mode. Another important thing is that the use of the nano- modifier does not require higher qualification of the service personnel.

Technical Specs

Product description:
Dark green suspension of a liquid lubricant and slurry of highly dispersed minerals. Storage conditions according to GOST 15150-69.

Method of application:
The amount of nano-modifier for treatment of a unit is determined by the amount of oil applied. 15 ml of the product would be enough for 3-6 liters of oil. When the amount of oil in the unit is higher, the amount of the product
increases proportionally. Treatment itself does not require special qualification. The nano-modifier is injected into the oil neck or the oil opening during the operation. It's essential that the unit continues the operation for some time in order to form a strong film modified by nanoparticles.

The effect after car engine treatment can be observed after 60-80 kilometers. After the next oil change in the treated unit, the Striboil efficiency IS NOT decreased. Repeated treatment by the product is required after another 100 - 150 thousand kilometers.

Form of provision:
а) suspension
–15 or 30 ml plastic syringes;
– 20 ml - 1 l plastic bottles;
б) lubricant (for bearings)
– 1 kg metal tins
– 20 kg canisters

The shelf life of the nano-modifier is 3 years.

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