water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer "Akvarin-5"

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Volume: 0.02 м3
  • Length: 30 sm
  • Width: 15 sm
  • Height: 45 sm

Product Description

Water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer with chelated micronutrients. Designed to power field, garden, decorative, vegetable crops in open and protected ground with the use of any irrigation systems and irrigation, for corrective foliar fertilizing as an antidote if the pesticide treatments and adverse weather conditions

The lawn.,
Ornamental trees and shrubs.,
The green culture.
Grains, legumes.,
Vegetable culture.
Technical culture.
Coniferous culture.
Ornamental culture.
Berry crops.
Water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer "Akvarin" is recommended for use on all types of substrates and irrigation systems.
Distinctive features: the high concentration of nutrients; a large selection of brands with different ratios of the elements of power; all brands contain a complex micronutrients in chelated form; a large selection of brands with different ratios of nutrients; can be used on active and inactive substrates;
foliar application improve the qualitative composition of the grain, fruits and vegetables.
completely water soluble, ballastless containing a complex of trace elements in the form of chelates

Technical Specs

N (%) 18; P2O5 (%) 18; K2O (%) 18; MgO (%) 2; S (%) 1.5; trace elements Fe (DTPA) – 0,054%; Zn (EDTA) – 0,014%; Cu (EDTA) and 0.01%; Mn (EDTA) – 0,042%; Mo – 0,004%; B – 0.02% a
The solubility at t of 20°C (g/100g H2O) 33,3
Appearance the Mixture of powder and granules from the white to the green


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