Soybean meal, the share of crude protein is not less than 52%

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Units of measurement

  • Weight: 1 ton
  • Volume: 1 м3
  • Length: 1 m
  • Width: 1 m
  • Height: 1 m

Product Description

Purpose and features of use. We recommend to buy wholesale soybean meal for farms where engaged in the cultivation of poultry, pigs, rabbits, sheep and cattle. The energy nutritional value of such feed additives of plant origin — in the range of 1.2-1.35 of feed units. It is bought for compound feeds on its basis and used in the diet in the following ratios: * for pigs - from 5 to 15% depending on the fattening period; * for cattle-from 15 to 25% for adult animals and young animals, respectively; * for sheep-10-20% depending on age; * for rabbits-not more than 10%.

Advantages Soybean meal contains a large amount of easily digestible protein (up to 50%), as well as lysine, phosphorus, vitamins B and E. the Use of this additive in the feed enriches the animal's body with essential amino acids: tryptophan, histidine, methionine. The introduction of meal in the diet provides a good weight gain (from 8 to 30%), helps to maintain the immunity of animals, improves the quality of meat, milk, eggs. Adding soybean meal allows you to balance the diet of protein and amino acid composition, as well as increase the energy value of feed. Soy proteins are absorbed by almost 80%.

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