Wheat bran feed

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Product Description

The digestibility of organic matter is about 80%. In 1 kg of wheat bran contains an average of 0.75 feed. units, 8,8-9,2 MJ of exchange energy, 151 g of digestible protein, 2,0 g of calcium. 9.6 g. phosphorus and other Wheat bran are rich in trace elements and vitamins of group B. the chemical composition and nutritional value of wheat bran is better than rye and even more so than rice. Wheat bran contains a large amount of phosphorus, more precisely-phytin, an organic substance in a warm aqueous solution has a laxative effect on the gastrointestinal tract of a human or animal. The use of wheat bran in dry form, on the contrary, can stop diarrhea. This product is up to 60% of the total weight of feed in the diet of animals: cattle fattening, dairy cows and sheep – 50-60%, horses, calves, pigs – up to 40%, young pigs – up to 25%. Wheat bran loose form have poor flowability and high values of hygroscopicity – the ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, the recommended place of storage-dry, warm, well-ventilated areas. Shelf life-1 month. The advantages of the granulated form were mentioned above, the shelf life is 1 year.

A brief overview of the nutritional characteristics of bran shows that they contain a sufficient amount of essential nutrients. By caloric content they are similar to diets with an average concentration of energy, the protein content in them reaches 15.28%. Bran contains less fiber than forage, but more than traditional high-calorie feed, and because they are based on grain products, they have good taste. Dairy cows bran can be fed up to 4-6 kg per day. Horses are fed only wheat bran to 30-50% of the norm of oats. Pigs and poultry use bran nutrients worse than other animals.


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