Reducing points (RP)

Product Details


Weight: 10 гр
Volume: 10 м3
Length: 10 м
Width: 10 м
Height: 10 м

Product Description

A reducing item is intended for:
- purification of natural gas and associated oil from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture;
- heating gas and maintaining its temperature at the outlet is not lower than the minimum allowed;
- reducing gas (reducing gas inlet pressure and automatically maintain a predetermined pressure supplied to the load);
- determining the composition of the gas component;
- the gas flow measurement.

Terms of Use:
The reducing point operated outdoors in macro-regions with temperate climates have performance category 1 according to GOST 15150.

The reducing item is a block product with technical devices, placed inside and consists of:
- switching unit
- gas purification unit
- block Technology
- fuel gas preparation unit
- gas metering unit
- gas consumption metering unit
- coolant preparation unit
- unit "Operator"
- stream analyzing block
- coolant tank
- tank collecting, storing and dispensing condensate

purification nodes excluding gas flow are mounted on a separate frame without a canopy.
fuel gas preparation unit comprises a flow container, a divided by a partition into two compartments - the process of preparation and coolant. Dividing wall unit container - sealed. The compartments are equipped with separate entrances and are protected from access by unauthorized persons.

Each block has a single container support frame and welded reinforced frame. Block insulated container noncombustible mineral wool on the basis of basalt fibers. For protection from moisture and condensate is provided hydro and steam. Interior walls and ceilings formed steel sheets, exterior decoration of walls - metal siding, roof - trapezoidal sheet.

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