Sibest 70KS

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Product Details


Weight: 7.50 кг
Volume: 70 м3
Length: 190 мм
Width: 140 мм
Height: 630 мм

Product Description

Sibest recirculators have a shock-resistant metal housing with a polymer coating, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, disinfectants, and other factors of the external corrosive environment. Durability eliminates the appearance of cracks in the body and the output of UV light to the outside.

On the side of the case, there is a power switch and LED indicators, indicating the presence of mains voltage and a germicidal lamp burning.

All the necessary elements and characteristics are inherent in Sibest recirculators. First, the devices through the case and a special v-shaped grille completely block the UV rays, preventing them from escaping. Secondly, the equipment is equipped with high-quality and safe lamps of the European manufacturer. Thirdly, the devices are equipped with a system for monitoring the hours worked (the Resource system). Fourthly, the design of the device allows for quick and quick maintenance and install recirculators in various planes and on a special platform.
Sibest recyclers are distinguished by their practicality, reliability, simplicity of design and safety. Fits perfectly into the interior of the medical office. The devices correspond to the stated characteristics and are able to provide the necessary level of sterility.

The durability of the devices is achieved through the use of metal in the construction, which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors.

Technical Specs

Irradiator productivity at bactericidal efficiency of 99.9 (99.0)% - 70 (100) m³ / h
The number and power of germicidal lamps - 3x15 W
Power consumption - 150 VA
Noise level no more - 41 dB
Overall dimensions (including on a mobile platform) - 190 * 140 * 630 (300 * 300 * 900) mm
Weight (including on a mobile platform) - 7.5 (11.5) kg

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