Sunflower oil refined deodorized frozen out. Top grade

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  • Package: 40' HC
  • Items/Container: 26,400
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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 13.50 kg
  • Volume: 0.03 м3
  • Length: 395 mm
  • Width: 237 mm
  • Height: 285 mm

Product Description

MASLEA ™ - is sunflower oil for those who choose premium quality products for their family.
Unsurpassed flavor characteristics of «Maslea» sunflower oil are achieved thanks to the original recipe, multi-level cleaning system and uninterrupted quality control in the production. Certified sunflower oil of the highest quality is produced in accord with all the national requirements (GOSTs), which is why it has become the most successful product in the modern Consumer market. «Maslea» sunflower oil, purified from impurities, will help to preserve the traditional taste and aroma of home dishes. With «Maslea» oil, every dish on your table will be natural and exquisite; millions of consumers have already appreciated and noted the uniqueness of this national product. Made in Russia and enriched with natural vitamins, «Maslea» oil will become an indispensable companion in your life, if you choose quality, just like as we do!

Top grade, Shelf life 18 months
GOST 1129-2013 (Russian standard of quality), ISO 9001, ISO 22000
100% Pure, Vitamin E
Made in Russia

– 1L. (33.8 FL. OZ.) Bottle, Net weight 920 g, 15 bottles in the corrugated box.
Box weights:
Net weight: 13.8 kg
Gross weight: 14.5 kg

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):
40 ft. container (25 MT):
- 1L. (33.8 FL. OZ.) – 26400 PCs. (1760 boxes)
20 MT. truck (EUR/EPAL):
- 1L. (33.8 FL. OZ.) – 19575 PCs.


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Technical Specs

Energy & food value:
Kilocalories: 899
Kilojoules: 3700
Fats: 99.9 g

Nutrition Facts (% Daily Value*):
about (92) servings per bottle
Serving size: 10 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 90
Total Fat 10g: 13%
Saturated Fat 1.2g: 6%
Trans Fat 0g: 0%
Cholesterol 0g: 0%
Sodium 0g: 0%
Total Carbohydrates 0g: 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g: 0%
Total Sugars 0g: 0%
Includes 0g Added Sugars: 0%
Protein 0g: 0%
Not a significant source of vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium.
* The % Daily Value (DV) shows you how much nutrient in a serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Packaging: PET-bottle
Volume: 1 L or 33.8 FL. OZ.
Net weight: 920 g

Quantity of bottles in the box: 15 PCs
Weights of the Box:
Net weight of the box: 13.8 kg
Gross weight of the box: 14.51 kg

Complectation of EUR-pallet:
Quantity of boxes on EUR-pallet: 45 PCs
Quantity of bottles on EUR-pallet: 675 PCs

Weights of EUR-pallet:
Net weight: ~621 kg
Gross weight: ~682.9 kg

CM FEA (Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Eurasian economic Union): 1512 19 900 2

Meets the requirements:
ISO 9001:2015 «Quality management systems. Requirements»
ISO 22000:2005 «Food safety management systems. Requirements for organizations in the food chain»
GOST (Russian Quality Standard) 1129-2013 «Sunflower oil. Technical conditions»
TR CU (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union) 021/2011 «About food safety»
TR CU (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union) 022/2011 «Food products in part of its labeling»
TR CU (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union) 024/2011 «Technical regulations for oil and fat products»

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