GL-VG204: opened loop fiber optic gyroscope strapdown inertial navigation system

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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 0.70 kg
  • Volume: 616 см3
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Height: 55 mm

Product Description

SINS FOG "GL-VG204" are intended for land, sea and aviation applications for solving navigation problems (including autonomous, with the loss of a GLONASS / GPS signal - forests, tunnels, jamming of satellite signals), orientation, stabilization, and control of other numerous parameters (rolls, pitch, strikes, leveling, etc.).
Some application options:
- Providing information about the coordinates of the object in case of satellite system failure: special transport (MIA, MO, MES, etc.), transportation of people, dangerous and valuable goods, car insurance, automatic determination of emergency and dangerous situations by the nature of the object movement
- Automation of management of unmanned systems and objects / transport: land, water, aviation
- Management of automated systems and robotics to work in conditions dangerous to humans
- Systems for stabilizing lines of sight, illumination, film equipment, etc .:
- Management of offshore platforms, manipulators and mechanisms subject to external disturbances (pitching, currents)
- High precision land use systems
- Systems of detection of "bookmarks" in the road (railway) track, as well as the functions of preliminary diagnostics of the railway track and monitoring deviations from the norm
- Systems of stabilization of the radiation pattern of antennas of mobile systems of satellite television, Internet, telephone communications
- Directional drilling
- Application in diagnostic in-line shells of oil and gas pipelines control
- Providing measurement of employee movements in any position of the body, including when crawling, ensuring accurate positioning of the employee in the premises while the satellite system is not working, detecting “uncharacteristic” movements of the employee.
- Many other applications that require solving operational management, navigation, orientation and stabilization tasks
SINS FOG GL-VG204 is primarily of interest to companies - developers, integrators and manufacturers of navigation equipment, systems and stabilization and orientation systems.

Technical Specs

Heading accuracy (RMS): Not determined
Yaw drift (RMS), ° / hour: 10
Heading drift (RMS), ° / hour: -
Roll, Pitch accuracy (RMS):
- 0.2° (with odometer or GLONASS/GPS)
- 0.9° (without odometer or GLONASS/GPS)
Relative coordinate accuracy (RMS) (odometer is required): 2 % (of distance traveled during 5 minutes after loosing GLONASS/GPS navigation information)
Range of angular rate, ° / sec: ± 300
Range of acceleration, g: ± 5 (change on request)
Range: Pitch / Roll, °: ± 90 / ± 180
Range: (Yaw / Heading), °: 0…360
Operating temperature, °C: -30… +55
Storage temperature, °C: -55… +85
Operating Vibration (20 Hz — 1 KHz random), g : 6
Operating Shock (1 ms half sine wave), g: 90
Start-Up Time / Valid Heading, sec: 3/-
UpDate Rate, Hz: 500 (possibility: up to 1000)
Output protocols: RS232, RS422, TCP/iP (Ethernet)
Analog ports (up to 4)
Power supply / Consumption: 9…30 V / <6W
Dimensions, mm: From 140 x 80 x 55
Weight, kg: 0,7
MTBF (computed): 20000 hours

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