TEST TEST electricity Meter three-phase electronic "STORK A300" (without the module)

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Weight: 2,800 гр
Volume: 0.00 м3
Length: 0.29 м
Width: 0.17 м
Height: 0.09 м

Product Description

To display information in the counter used liquid crystal display (LCD) is engaged in the display:
- current tariff number (up to 4 tariffs);
- displays active and reactive energy forward and reverse directions, the combined values and total energy values for each tariff and total on all tariffs;
- the current values of active and reactive power;
- voltage (V);
- current consumption (A);
- frequency network;
- the current time;
- current date - day, month, year;
The counter can be used both in the system together with other devices and components.

Technical Specs

Accuracy class active energy 1
Accuracy class reactive energy 2
The nominal value of the frequency of the electrical network 50 Hz
The maximum number of tariffs 4
Minimum tariff of 15 min.
Rate of exchange via interface RS-485, 1200~9600 bps
The base, IB, a (maximum) current for direct connection 5 (60)A
Liquid crystal display (LCD):
 the number of displayed digits 8
 unit price LSB when displaying energy of 0.01 kWh (kVArh)
The service life of the power source clock counter is not less 10 years
Temperature range from - 40°C to +55°C
Overall dimensions (height×width×depth) 292×174×88 mm

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