Reece Kluglozerny Baldo, Rapan, Regul, Kamolino, Othman, Basmati

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Price/ $400.83

Pallet Price $400.83 ($400.83/)
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  • Items/Pallet: 1
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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Volume: 1 м3
  • Length: 1 m
  • Width: 1 m
  • Height: 1 m

Product Description

Good afternoon!

The company is ready to offer you round grain rice of all grades: GOST at the price from 30000/ton rub directly from the plants: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. If necessary we can carry out delivery in any point of the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS, etc. the countries. There is a full package of documents on products. Harvest of 2018.

The minimum volume is from 20 tons.
All necessary accompanying documents are attached to goods. The offered products are shipped in bags.
The main activities of the company are export and import of natural, environmentally friendly, fresh grain fruit and vegetable crops which as much as possible satisfy needs of buyers for healthy and tasty food. The Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian fresh grain and fruit and vegetable products long since are famous for the unsurpassed taste and aroma around the world.

We work ONLY according to the following scheme:

- you fill out the official application with company details

- further we direct the contract for signing

- we make out a bill for payment

After payment of account, your representative can be present and control loading.

The price vary depending on the stated volume.

Non-cash form of payment, 100% prepayment

If you were interested in the offer ask you to download the order form and to send to our address on mail:

[email protected]



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