Molochnaya strana (Milk Country)

Condensed milk with coffee 270 gr.

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Price/NMP $5.88

Container Price $33,810 ($5.88/NMP)
  • Package: 20‘ DC
  • Items/Container: 5,750
  • Min. Order: 1 Container


Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 270 gr
  • Volume: 5,768,100 м3
  • Length: 40 mm
  • Width: 103 mm
  • Height: 194 mm

Product Description

Condensed milk with coffee “Molochnaya Strana” is produced of Russian natural milk. This product line offers both traditional and flavored condensed milk. Consumers all over the world regardless of their age adore the taste of condensed milk “Molochnaya Strana”!

Technical Specs

Condensed milk with coffee
Sweet, pure with coffee flavor, without any extraneous taste and smell


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