Ice tea “Let’s Go!”

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  • Package: 20‘ DC
  • Items/Container: 78
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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 560 gr
  • Volume: 0.50 liter
  • Length: 68 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Height: 205 mm

Product Description

Non-alcoholic non-carbonated tea drink. The drink is made using modern technologies, without
chemical preservatives, on the basis of natural products. Pasteurized.
Ingredients: filtered water, citric acid, tea extract, sugar.
Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy value: 106 kcal, carbons 7.5 gr., fats 0 gr., proteins 0 gr.
Store at a temperature from 0 to +30 ℃.
Storage time: 12 months.
The date of production and the batch number are indicated on the package.
Store not more than 24 hours from the opening. Avoid direct sunlight. Cool before drinking. A little
sediment is possible due to the natural qualities of tea.
Tastes: Black tea with lemon (L 0.5, L 1.25), Black tea with peach (G 0.5, G 1.25), Green tea with lemon
(H 0.5, H 1.25), Green tea with grapefruit and apple (T 0.5, T 1.25).
Volume: 1.25L/ 0.5L.
Quantity in a package: 12 bottles/20 bottles.


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