“EuroExpress” Briquette , 60 gr.

Vendor code # E01, E02

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  • Wholesale order
Price/CEN $12.43

Container Price $700.56 ($9.73/CEN)
  • Package: 20' HC
  • Items/Container: 72
  • Min. Order: 1 Container


Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 6,350 gr
  • Volume: 0.33 м3
  • Length: 449 mm
  • Width: 329 mm
  • Height: 225 mm

Product Description

“EuroExpress” Briquette
Flavour: Chicken (E02), Beef (E01)
Net weight: 60 gr.
Quantity in a package: 100 p.
Noodle: high-quality wheaten flour, water, salt, starch, oil
Flavoring: salt, soy sauce, granulated sugar, taste booster (MSG), ground red pepper, soy protein, dried beef, garlic powder, vegetable fats, chili powder, flavor identical to natural “Beef”.
Dried Vegetable Mixture: dried paprika, dried carrot, dried leeks.
Nutritional value per 100 gr. dry product: proteins – 8.8 gr., fats – 20.7 gr., carbons -56.7 gr.
Energy value 448 kcal.
Storage time: 12 months
The date of production is indicated on the package.


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