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Product Details

Units of measurement

  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Volume: 1 м3
  • Length: 20 sm
  • Width: 20 sm
  • Height: 20 sm

Product Description


SKD-M is a natural high value protein and vitaminosoderžaŝej feed for livestock and poultry. Bulk product in powder form, which can be used as foodstuff and as an additive in the production of animal feed.

Existing farms in the types of feeding do not allow to balance rations on key indicators of energy and protein (protein). Genetically determined potential productivity of animals used for no more than 50-60%. The unbalanced diets leads to a significant (25-30%) feed overrun.

In ACS-M contains all of the nutrients inherent to the original product, crude protein, ranging from 37 % to 42 %. Protein SKD-M is a very high quality, enriched with essential amino acids (lysine, methionine) which cannot be produced in the body monogastric animals (pigs, poultry) and should only come from food.

In ACS-M contains at least 17 different amino acids, the total content of which in terms of dry substance reaches about 35.6%. The share of carbohydrates accounts for an average of 13.5% fat 7-8% and mineral salts was 2.4%. A valuable feature of SKD-M is the content of the full range of b vitamins, and vitamin B9 (folic acid), tocopherol, ergosterol, which are the regulators of the metabolism of animals. SKD-M features a rich set of contents of such trace elements as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, etc.

Nutrient SKD-M exceeds the standard of feed and grain waste. 1 kg contains from 1.08 to 1.27 mm feeding units.
Experimental-industrial tests conducted on large-horned cattle, the pigs, the calves, the chickens, the broilers showed the average daily live weight gain of 8.7%, and 7.8%, respectively.
Considering the experimental results, we can recommend exemplary rules Supplement, SKD-M per head per day. The average utilization rate of the additive is 1-1. 3 grams per day per 1 kg live weight of the animal.

SKD-M can be used as: a basis for the manufacture of vitamin-mineral premixes for different species of animals and birds, in the form of feed additives with probiotic preparations, as and the protein concentration, prior to depositing in the liquid fraction of the special consortiums of microorganisms.

We offer all agricultural enterprises, mixed fodder plants, farmers, private businessmen to become our partners, and we hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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