Information Publication Rules

(Last updated on 17 May 2016)

1. General provisions:

1.1. It is forbidden to display or sell any items restricted by federal, regional or local law of any country or jurisdiction. Remember that the Platform (hereinafter, the “Platform”) operates as an international market place, therefore, the display or sale of items might be forbidden by law applicable beyond the jurisdiction of your location. Below is a list of forbidden and/or restricted items. However, the list is not exhaustive. You as a seller are liable for publishing any information about any items legally forbidden or restricted under any jurisdiction.

1.2. The Platform also does not allow you to display any information about any other item types that while they are not forbidden or restricted by any law, such information might cause negative consequences or might have contradictory interpretations, including:

(a) Items provoking illegal actions;

(b) Items containing content that discriminates by race, religion or nationality, or causes hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance;

(c) Quizzes, lotteries, prize drawing and contests;

(d) Shares, bonds, dividend rights and other securities;

(e) Pornography or sexually explicit content;

(f) Items that do not offer any products or services for sale, such as advertisement whose sole person is to collect users’ data.

1.3. The Platform reserves the right to introduce further restrictions and forbid the publishing of additional products and services (hereinafter, the “goods”) at its own discretion.

2. Cultural Artifacts

2.1. Do not display or sell cultural artifacts, cultural relics, historical tombstones and similar items protected by Russian law or the law of other jurisdictions.

3. Currency and Settlement

3.1. You are strictly forbidden to sell or buy currency, coin, banknotes, bonds, payment instructions, electronic or other intangible currencies (e.g., crypto currency), securities, or equipment used for the production of such items.

3.2. You are strictly forbidden to forge the items referred to in Clause 3.1, legal means of payment and stamps.

3.3. Reproductions or copies of collectible coins shall be marked as COPY, REPRODUCTION or EXACT REPRODUCTION and comply with all applicable local laws.

4. Agreements and Tickets

4.1. The User is liable for ensuring that its transactions are legal and that all contractual obligations are complied with. Prior to displaying the goods on the Platform, you shall carefully read all your agreements that might restrict your right to sell such goods on the Platform. A number of items, such as air tickets, have terms printed on them, which potentially restrict the User’s right to sell them. In other cases, e.g., where the User is a distributor of the goods of a particular company, it might have signed a separate agreement restricting its rights to sell the goods.

4.2. The Platform does not facilitate the search for any goods that cause User’s such problems, neither can it verify copies of private agreements, make resolutions or take sides in a dispute on private agreements. However, the User shall remember that it may be held liable for displaying goods in violation of their contractual obligations. In this respect, the Platform encourages the User not to display any goods without checking any relevant agreements and contracts and ensuring that the User may legally sell the goods on the Platform.

4.3. Where a User has any questions regarding its rights under an agreement or contract, we highly recommend that it contact the other party of such agreement and/or consult its lawyer.

5. Credit Cards

5.1. Credit and debit cards may not be legally transferred from one person to another, for this reason such goods may not be posted on the Platform.

6. Drugs and Associated Goods

6.1. Posting or selling drugs, steroids, poppy seeds, poppy seed products or other controlled substances (including drugs listed in Russian law and law of other jurisdictions) on the Platform is strictly forbidden.

6.2. Displaying or selling goods associated with drugs, including those primarily intended for the production, disguising or use of controlled substances is strictly forbidden on the Platform. This group of goods includes goods intended for the ingestion of illegal substances, including pipes, hookahs, carburetor pipes, syringes, glass pipes, cannabis hookah etc. (the list is not exhaustive).

7. Offensive or Discriminating Content (inciting racial or ethnic hatred)

7.1. Do not post any content that offends or discriminates by nationality or race. Sellers and buyers shall ensure that the wording of their publications shows reasonable respect to its potential readers when offering or acquiring potentially offensive goods or services.

7.2. In some cases, where the content is of historical value or is an integral part of the goods (such, the title of a book), and users may use relevant titles in the publication subject or description. The Platform encourages its Users to treat other users in the same way as they want to be treated.

7.3. The Platform does not tolerate any content that promotes Nazism, Ku Klux Klan etc.

8. Event Ticket Re-selling Rules

8.1. You may sell tickets to cultural, sports and entertainment events on the Platform to the extent allowed by law. However, as ticket seller you are liable for ensuring that any particular transaction does not violate any applicable law or the terms of the ticket itself.

9. Faces, Names, Signatures

9.1. You may not display or sell any goods that bear likeness, image, name or signature of another person on the Platform, unless such goods were produced with the consent of or by such person whose likeness, image or signature is used on the goods.

10. Financial Services

10.1. You may not offer any financial services, including money transfer, issue bank’s guarantees or letters of credit, loans, raising donations or funds for personal investment purposes etc. on the Platform.

11. Firearms, Military Ammunition, and Other Types of Weapons

11.1. You are strictly forbidden to offer for sale or acquisition any weapons, ammunition, military ammunition, ordnance (including explosives) and/or related spare parts and associated goods. Where you fail to comply with the terms of this Clause 11.1, your User account may be removed from the publication list.

11.2. You may not offer for sale or acquisition any air guns, air rifles, paintball weapons, electric shockers, harpoon guns or any other types of weapons loaded with shells containing gas, chemicals or explosives on the Platform. In exceptional cases, you may display the above items but strictly at the individual approval of the Platform.

11.3. Any maintenance, instruction, processing or assistance in the production of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or known components thereof is strictly forbidden by international law and is, therefore, forbidden on the Platform. The Platform will notify state authorities of any violations of these rules and remove User’s account from the publication list.

11.4. In most cases, knives and cutting tools are allowed to be displayed on the Platform. You may not display switchblades, gravity knives, brass knuckles (whether bladed or not), bladed wrist devices and disguised knives. In exceptional cases, you may display the above items but strictly at the individual approval of the Platform.

12. Food

12.1. Do not display or sell any food or food supplements with stimulating sexual effect on the Platform.

13. State Authority Issued Identity Cards, Permits, Forms

13.1. Do not display or sell the following items on the Platform:

(a) Items that pass off as official identity cards or permits issued by state authorities, such as birth certificates, driving licenses, visas and passports, or their imitations. Furthermore, you may not display filled in applications for such documents containing personal data.

(b) Forged identity cards or any items for the production of the same.

(c) Clothes or identification tokens passing off as official uniform of state authorities or their imitations.

(d) Military order of merit, medals and awards, as well as items that bear a resemblance to them.

14. Hazardous Materials

14.1. You may not offer for sale or acquisition hazardous materials (e.g., hazardous materials as defined by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) on the Platform.

14.2. You may not display any goods containing harmful substances (e.g., toys with white lead) on the Platform.

15. Human Body Parts or Remains

15.1. You may not offer for sale or acquisition persons, human bodies or human body parts on the Platform. Some examples of forbidden items: organs, bones, blood, sperm, egg cells (the list is not exhaustive).

15.2. You may display skulls and skeletons used for medical or educational purposes on the Platform.

15.3. You may display goods made of human hair for commercial purposes, e.g., wigs.

16. Bills

16.1. You are strictly forbidden to display or sell on the Platform any types of bills or checks (including empty or filled in, as well as VAT bills or checks, invoices).

17. Mailing Lists and Personal Information

17.1. You are strictly forbidden to display or sell mass emailing lists, or lists containing identifiable personal information, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers or email addresses. Neither are you allowed to sell any software or tools intended or used for sending unauthorised commercial emails (spam).

18. Non-commercial Information

18.1. The Platform is an online platform allowing businesses to contact each other; you may not display any personal non-commercial information.

19. Non-transferable Items

19.1. You may not display or sell non-transferable items on the Platform. Many items, including lottery tickets, air tickets, a number of event tickets, may not be re-sold or transferred.

20. Items Related to Law Enforcement Agencies

20.1. You are strictly forbidden to display any identity cards or equipment of any official law enforcement agencies provided by the government of any country.

20.2. A limited number of police-related items may be displayed on the Platform, provided that you comply with each of the following:

(a) Permitted souvenir items, such as hats, mugs, pins, pens, buttons, cuff links, t shirts, paper clips without any resemblance to identity cards, paper-weights without identity cards;

(b) Identity cards that are obviously not real or official (such as, toy identity cards);

(c) Historical identity cards without any resemblance to modern identity cards of law enforcement agencies, provided that their description clearly states that the identity card is a historical document dating back more than 75 years or that it was issued by an entity which does not exist;

20.3. Police uniform may be displayed, provided that it is out of use and does not in any way resemble any uniform that is currently in use with the description making a clear statement thereof.

21. Pornographic Content and Goods for Adults

21.1. You are strictly forbidden to display or sell pornographic content as it violates the laws of many countries. As the concept of pornography may differ from country to country, the Platform generally complies with Russian law.

21.2. It is strictly forbidden to display any items showing juveniles or animals in sexual context, sexual violence, incest or sex with explicit violence or humiliation.

21.3. Whether a publication or information shall be removed from the Platform depends on the general content of the publication, including photos, images and text.

22. Advertisement for the Sole Purpose of Collecting User Data or Raising Money

22.1. The Platform is only intended for commercial transactions between commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs. The Platform promotes honesty and high ethic standards. The publications on the Platform shall clearly represent the item offered for sale. Where the User intends otherwise, we recommend that you find a different platform for your business.

23. Drug Prescriptions and Medical Equipment

23.1. You may not display drug prescriptions on the Platform. Where the User doubts whether a particular item is permitted, it should contact the Platform before publishing it.

23.2. The Platform does not permit any publications about psychotropic substances and drugs.

23.3. The User may not display drugs allowed for sale in pharmacies, unless it has the required approval, permit or license to produce or sell such drugs. Where the User doubts whether it may display drugs allowed for sale in pharmacies, it should contact the Platform before publishing it.

23.4. It is not permitted to display forbidden medical devices.

24. Real Estate

24.1. Publications about real estate enable buyers to contact the seller to receive additional information and show interest in the published information about real estate. A publication related to the sale or buying real estate is subject to your prior ensuring that you comply with any applicable law.

25. Refurbished Goods

25.1. You may not sell or buy refurbished mobile phones, laptop or desktop computers on the platform, unless the description clearly states that such items have been restored.

26. Replica and Forgery

26.1. You are strictly forbidden to display replicas, unlicensed copies or items without required permits, such as replicas of fashionable clothes, watches, bags, eyeglasses or other accessories.

26.2. Where the goods bear the name or logo of a company but were not produced by the company or with its consent, you may not display and sell such goods on the Platform.

26.3. Luxury brand products may only be displayed with the consent of the relevant luxury brand owner.

26.4. Should you offer for sale or acquisition copies, forgeries or other unauthorized items, your account will be removed from the Platform. Recurring display of forgery or unauthorized items will result in the immediate suspension of your participation.

27. Security System Bypass Devices and Hacking Equipment

27.1. Descramblers that may be used to obtain unauthorized access to television software (e.g., satellite or cable TV), access to the Internet, telephone, data or other protected or premium services, or restricted services are not allowed. Any references to the educational or testing purposes of an item do not deem it legal where such item is illegal for any other reasons. Below are some examples of forbidden goods: smart cards, card programmers, descramblers, DSS emulators, and hacking software.

27.2. Similarly, you are forbidden to display any information on how to descramble or obtain access to programming cable or satellite TV or other services without permission or payment. The Platform forbids any encouragement of such activities.

27.3. You may not display or sell any devices intended for deliberate blocking, suppressing or interference of permitted radio communications, such as mobile or personal communication services, police radars, GPS and wireless network services (wi-fi).

28. Software

28.1. Academic software.

(a) Educational software is a product with a discount for students, teachers and employees of accredited educational institutions.

(b) The User may not display on the Platform any academic software without proper authorization. Any publications in breach with the Platform rules regarding academic software may be removed.

(c) Publications of academic software made on behalf of an authorized intermediate seller or educational institutions shall clearly refer to relevant licenses, including the management, products and information on the company. Furthermore, you shall provide the Platform with the permission issued by an authorized educational trade intermediary (or educational institutions).

28.2. Software of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

(a) Do not display OEM software or pre-installed software on the Platform, unless you are selling it with the computer. OEM software or pre-installed software is software received as part of buying a new computer. OEM software licenses, as a rule, do not allow the buyer to resell the software without the computer or, in some cases, without a computer device.

29. Spyware

29.1. You may not display or sell any spy equipment.

29.2. You may not display any devices used for intercepting oral or electronic communication, or wired communications.

29.3. You may display spy cams except spy cams used for secret surveillance or recording of private individuals for illegal purposes.

30. Shares and Other Securities

30.1. You may not display or sell shares, bonds, promissory notes, dividend rights or any other securities.

31. Stolen Property

31.1. You are strictly forbidden to display or sell stolen items on the Platform as it violates international law. Stolen property means any items or property taken from individuals, legal entities or countries without their permission.

31.2. The Platform assists law enforcement agencies in finding stolen property and persecuting the persons liable for theft. Should you consider that any images and/or texts in the description of a User’s item were used by another Platform user without such User’s permission, or that a User’s intellectual property rights were infringed by such user, please, email Platform support services at [email protected]

32. Transport-related Items

32.1. You may not display any of the following air and public transport related items on the Platform:

(a) Any items, clothes or identification badges related to the transportation industry, including, (this list is not exhaustive), air pilot uniform, flight assistant uniform, airport personnel uniform, railway uniform, public transport security uniform. You may display vintage clothes related to commercial airline or other public transport, provided that the description clearly states that the item is no less than 10 years old, is not used by the airline or a transport authority, and does not resemble any uniform in current use.

(b) Guidelines and any other content related to mass commercial public transport, including security guidelines published by commercial airlines or entities operating metro, trains or buses. Such items may only be displayed, where the description clearly states that they are obsolete and out of use by the airline or the transport authority.

(c) Any official internal documents and documents not intended for public distribution.

33. Unauthorized Copies of Intellectual Property

33.1. You are strictly forbidden to display unauthorized (pirated, double, backup, counterfeit etc.) copies of software, video games, music albums, films, TV programmes, photos or other protected works on the Platform.

34. Used Clothes, Make-up

34.1. You may not display and sell used underwear. You may display other clothing items, provided that they have been thoroughly cleaned. Publications with inappropriate or irrelevant descriptions will be removed.

34.2. You may not display or sell used make-up on the Platform.

35. Animal and Wild Animal Products

35.1. You are strictly forbidden to display or sell any animals (including any parts of animals, including skin, jacket, intestines, teeth, claws, shells, bones, nails, ivory or other parts) protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) or any other local law.

35.2. You may not display or sell any products made of any part of sharks or marine mammals, or containing ingredients extracted from sharks or marine mammals, on the Platform.

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and is subject to further updates. Should you doubt whether your products for display on the Platform are appropriate or legal, please, contact client support via