Supplier Ural Nanotechnology Center LLC

    • General information

    • The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region is specialized in development and manufacture of coatings under the own trademark upwards year 2007.
      The offered coating guarantees long-lasting antibacterial protection of surfaces (up to 12 months), has a broad industrial spectrum of usage, competitive price, it is easy to apply and eco-friendly.
      The technology comprised a principle of formation on the surface of a polymer antimicrobial film with a prolonged effect. Due to unique properties of the coating, it guarantees instantaneous destruction of microorganisms both existing and newly appearing.
      The coating can be applied by a brush, roller, standard aerosol spray or airbrush. Brief contact with water is acceptable during application.
      The product is used to achieve a preventative protective long-lasting antibacterial coating on different surfaces:
      - Apartment buildings;
      - Production areas (warehouses, offices, etc.);
      - General health institutions and other establishments;
      - Day-care services (schools, pre-schools, etc.);
      - Social objects;
      - Public utility facilities;
      - Public catering and commercial enterprises;
      - Other objects where the antibacterial protection is required.
      As a result of cooperation under the Distribution agreement, the company considers supply of its products. The company is disposed to achieve such type of cooperation and is ready to provide on the partner's request all the necessary documentation, information on potential delivery volumes, giving the partner an opportunity to resell the products to its customers.

    • Own manufacture: yes