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16 de Junio de 2016 a las 15:00
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Orbit Energy
Dear all,

We would like to receive your best technical and commercial offers for a metallic LPG cylinder validation line.

Revalidation process - vetting, devalving, decanting, surface preparation eg heat treatment, hydraulic testing, shot blasting, stamping test date, zinc chromate priming coat, final coat, logo printing, valine, valve leak test, purging and inspection.

We need to be able to validate 500,000 bottles a year.

Best regards


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Good day!

We are ready to supply equipment for maintenance of metal cylinders for LPG. But we need to know the performance of Your Line in a year or a month? How many intend to serve cylinders – cylinders 100 000; 50 000;?

Cylinders household or car? Power line maintenance metal cylinders for LPG? Can supply in-line Assembly of the filling carousel ANCT-50/20; performance (pressure 1.6 MPa LPG) cylin-ders/hour to 420±20;number of positions filling -20 But can supply and Post filling cylinders PNB-50/4; performance(pressure LPG 1,4 - 1,6 MPa) cylinders/hour -80; number of posts (based on scales RP-150MG)- 4.

It is therefore necessary to clarify what will the capacity of the Line.

With respect,

Director general,
Sagandykov N.А.

Use: Gazmanov
Tel. Mob:.8-906-157-0113
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