1. What is the ownership structure of B2B-Export LLC and what connection does it have to Russia?
B2B-Export LLC is a commercial organization based in Russia. It is part of the B2B-Export international group of companies. In terms of ownership structure, B2B-Export LLC is the property of a combination of Russian individual shareholders and Russian companies.
2. What is the best method of performing a search for goods required?
-       Use few words in the search, for example instead of ‘drive lever for sliding gate’ try to search for ‘lever for gate’.
-       Avoid use of overly-specific search terms, such as "KAMAZ 5490-001-68".
-       Only search for one product in each search performed.
-       Do not include the name of a country or region in the search field, for example ‘clothing Russia’.
-       Do not include words such as ‘supplier’ or ‘seller’ in the search field, for example ‘clothing seller’.

3. What can I do if I cannot find the goods I am looking for?
You can publish an open request for proposals in the ‘Announcement’ section; and you will not have to wait for long before you receive a proposal.

4. How can I obtain goods or services on B2B-Export?
You can register on the platform free of charge as a buyer, either as an individual or as an organization, and then simply follow the user-friendly instructions.

5. How can I check the reliability of a supplier?
- Before every supplier that wishes to gain access and use the full functionality of the platform is allowed to do so, verification of the potential supplier is performed using the database of the Russian Federal tax Authority; the Russian Customs Service; Russian legal authorities as well as a variety of registries of reliable and trustworthy partners.
- As well as the legal status of potential suppliers, we perform a check on their declared facilities such as officers, factories or warehouses; and provide each supplier with a rating according to a system developed by B2B-Export.
- By way of a further objective assessment of the reliability of a potential supplier, we recommend that you review the rating and feedback of a potential supplier provided by their existing customers.

6. How can I contact a supplier?
It is simplest and most efficient to contact a supplier via the chat tool located alongside each product or service in which you are interested; or by using the contact information in the profile page of a supplier.

7. How can I agree on conditions and obtain an agreement on the provision of goods or services?
As a starting point, you can use our project agreement on provision, available in both Russian and English language, and discuss conditions directly with the supplier using the chat tool, access to which can be found alongside each product or service in which you are interested.

8. Who is responsible for the quality and quantity of goods and services delivered?
The supplier is responsible for the quality and quantity of goods and services. This is set out in the agreement on provision of goods or services, the conditions of which are agreed between the buyer and the supplier via the B2B-Export platform.

9. Can I trade on B2B-Export?
You can. Prices announced on the platform are considered a public offering, however through negotiation with suppliers using our convenient and entirely confidential platform you can be sure that you will receive the very best proposal in terms of price and quality.

10 How do I calculate the costs associated with logistics?
Select the goods that you are interested in; click on the ‘calculate delivery cost’ button; and then follow the user-friendly steps.

11.How can I receive an invoice?
When you have determined the nature of your order, all that remains is to fill in a few required fields and B2B-Export generates an invoice for you in a matter of seconds.

12. What technology does B2B-Export employ in order to protect the personal information and bank account credentials of buyers?
In order to protect the personal information and bank account credentials of buyers, we employ an encapsulated server and encrypted communication channels using SSL certificates. SSL certificates are a unique digital signature for webpages that are necessary for the provision of protected connectivity between a client and a server, which is particularly important in the event of the transfer of confidential information and the undertaking of financial transactions.

13. What happens if I make payment but delivery is not performed?
The supplier will return your payment. If the value of a transaction, for which payment is made by bank card, does not exceed $5000 (USD) then B2B-Exportwill provide you with an immediate refund as soon as you request one.

14. What insurance may I take out when using B2B-Export?
When making an order for goods for delivery you may take out any form of delivery insurance. B2B-Export is currently working to soon be able to provide insurance against the risk of a supplier failing to fulfil its obligations.

15. Who can I contact with any additional questions about B2B-Export in person?
You can call or write to our representative Anna Dyanchenko on +7 495 268 07 87, [email protected].