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Entering the market in Russia - easier, than you think! Find new buyers for your products with B2B-Export.com

Attractive market

In 2019 Russia imported $366 billion worth of goods. Grow your business by expanding to a new attractive market which is also considered to be the entry point of goods for the former USSR countries.

Access to new customer group

Russia is the largest country in Europe with 145 000 000 of new buyers + 100 000 000 buyers in former Soviet Union

Reliable trading partner

Founded in 2015, we are facilitating cross-border trade with Russia. In 2019 we have launched the reverse platform to help selecte African, Latin American and Indonesian suppliers to export to the Russian мarket



We provide a full cycle execution, including price negotiation, custom clearance, cold chain storage and delivery to b2b-buyers in Russia.

We take financial responsibility for your shipment. B2B-Export is the cargo owner from the moment we receive the goods from the Russian port until the product is sold in domestic market.

We have organized an independent process of quality control upon loading and upon delivery to maintain transparency and fairness in supply chain to Russia for the farmers around the world

We do not charge anything upfront for marketing, advertising and sales reps in Russia, we earn our sales commission


Option 1: Supply to Retailers

Volume: from 50 containers per season (dedicated program)
Price: low, but fixed price and guaranteed large volumes
Payment terms: 100% 28 days from arrival to Russia Freight up to CFR paid by the supplier
Type of contract: sales agreement with B2B-Export Ltd

Option 2: Supply to Importers

Volume: 1-15 containers per season
Price: same as retail
Payment terms: 50% advance payment, 50% in 20 days from arrival to Russia. Freight FOB to CFR paid by the importer
Type of contract: sales agreement with B2B-Export Ltd

Option 3: Sell on comission

Volume: 10-50 containers per season
Price: max available price, usually 20% higher than retailers. Floats every day, may crush if oversupply
Payment terms: 100% within 14 days upon arrival to Russia. Freight up to CFR paid by the supplier, freight up to warehouse paid by B2B-Export
Type of contract: agent agreement with B2B-Export rep company in Russia

*In any scenario B2B-Export places the orders for your products, processes quality and quantity control/claims and pays for the goods

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